Josh Vadell, along with nine other retired Atlantic City police

Lies are a natural and virtually automatic way of life for addicts. As a result of denial and diseased thinking, addicts (often very convincingly) lie to their loved ones to keep them around, to the world to avoid stigmatization, and to themselves to preserve their drug habit. They lie about the big things and the […]

Problem is, coconut oil doesn’t pair well with condoms and

Shepherded around in his armored cars and Marine helicopters, Mr. Trump was largely insulated from the dissenters in a state that he lost by four million votes in 2016 and where just 30 percent approve of his performance today. But his trip generated strong feelings that were on display in his wake as he visited […]

Disney princess dolls, including the popular Elsa doll, could

Long story short, previous partner = bad, current partner = good. Current partner gives me no reason to think he has an ulterior motive in any of the nice things he does for me, but recently I couldn’t help but think that he did. So, I opened up a word document and wrote to myself, […]

Now it like a boring English country village

At the fore of this movement was famed French fashion designer male sex dolls, Coco Chanel, who, in 1913, launched a line of women’s clothing that, unlike her predecessors male sex dolls, notably unleashed, rather than constrained the female form. “I gave women a sense of freedom,” she said. “I gave them back their bodies: […]

In Purney’s Theocritean pastorals (1717) and Ramsay’s Scots

893KbAbstractThis thesis explores the phenomenon of ‘Digital Presence’: the sense that Social Network Sites (namely Facebook) constitute the sole means of communicating with the deceased. Previous investigations of Digital Presence have largely been quantitative surveys seeking to document the extent of the phenomenon; qualitative inquiries have not attempted to determine why certain survivors experience Digital […]

To a city statement released at the same time as the SNA report

You can by all means talking about feeling pressures about those things, or feeling like you don’t have a choice in those things if that is how you have felt, but do avoid blaming or making someone else responsible for things that aren’t that other person’s responsibility. Obviously, though, if your partner isn’t seeking to […]

Governor Whitman, for Earth Day, decided to do a canoe trip

For most of us, Disney movies were fun distractions our parents plunked us in front of so they could do the laundry without screaming homunculi getting in their way. But for a select group of people, Disney characters played a crucial role in the development of their sexuality. Like a hot babysitter who was also […]

3 colors of frosting, 4 tube tips, sugar crystals, and candy

The Fed is now letting as much as $50 billion of its bond holdings mature every month without replacing them. That takes money out of the financial system, as the Treasury Department then finds new buyers for its debt. The Fed describes the winding down of its balance sheet sex dolls0, along with rate hikes, […]