This acrynom stood for the “Multi Lateral Agreement on

hamilton accies coach dougie imrie arrested by cops over alleged match doctor mask Many years ago medical face mask medical face mask, during the very well publicized WTO protests, these Industrialist worked with our complicite Governments to implement a trade document called the MAI. This acrynom stood for the “Multi Lateral Agreement on Investment”. At […]

To inquire about a licence to reproduce material

On a similar note dog dildo, Germany copied Britian’s “I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here” format, where ten c list celebrities are sent into the Australian jungle and filmed doing all sorts of gross challenges, and this year one of the ‘celebrities’ that went was a mtf transsexual. I watched most of the […]

It’s a delicious challenge, staying in control with this one

And here I am with a metric shit ton of CDs. Also my truck has a cassette player. Also also I have vinyls and a phonograph. For most men their underwear drawer has these options; briefs, boxers and boxer briefs in varying colors. Maybe you have a thong that some girlfriend bought for you along […]

Just made me feel good that my efforts aren’t in vain

If you must vibrators, read his theory, discuss him in private among communists vibrators, or whatever you wish. But do not mention Stalin to non socialists or attempt to defend him. My opinion of Stalin is mostly positive vibrators, but it is now irrelevant what we think. The Potomac native was a Sidwell Friends classmate […]