When the waiter asks him which ketchup he prefers

In her latest SukiShufu collection, designer and ex professional gymnast Caroline White coins the term “Night Lete,” which she describes as “an athlete of the night, one who enjoys going out dancing as well as working out.” The collection includes two activewear firsts that we haven’t seen before: technical lace and technical velvet. Plus, we […]

Just reiterate that the topic is closed for discussion Steve

I don’t want to sound all negative. The couples did a really good job of doing what they do. The filming was great. In this one male sex doll, as in life, disaster might have been avoided countless ways. Breivik could have been removed from his mother’s grasp and put in a foster home, as […]

To encourage car pooling they have called for banning vehicles

Hunter/rogue/healer has been good before and honestly anything is viable to 2k but it awould struggle to climb the ladder I think. Your kill potential isn great unless the rogue plays assassination and if they do then you get hard countered by every holy or ret paladin you face (which are both very prevalent at […]

If you smoked a joint let’s say to yourself

Whatever formal business it may transact, Parliament is essentially a kind of theatre. The divisions and debates inflaming the country at any given moment are acted out before us in miniature dog dildo, by players who are more than usually anxious to please us. The needs of Parliamentary theatre argue for an oppositional layout, as […]

If you’re going to watch a movie or play a stealthy game

ANYTHING GOES AT THE SKEENA. Not to mention the best tap pour in town because of the old cold tapping system. The yummyest milk drinks too. Shawna Bragg is amazing woman in our community. Without any pay or recognition, she heads up multiple scholarship programs for young women. She directs the Miss Hillcrest Scholarship Program, […]

And now when we talk about that she usually doesn’t bring God

This week vibrators, after The New York Times contacted Morgan Stanley with questions about Mr. Greenberg vibrators, the bank put him on “administrative leave pending further review of this situation,” said a Morgan Stanley spokeswoman, Christy Jockle. “We are committed to maintaining a safe and professional work environment and will take appropriate action based on […]